170+ Socent Members, 100+ Corporate Associates, 50+ Expert Resources, 7 countries, 19 States


Idobro is a social enterprise with a mission “to measure and multiply the socio-environomic impact of women, social and green (WSG) initiatives through markets, capacity, linkages and solutions.”

Idobro’s end-to-end approach seeks to overcome systemic barriers, provide market-based solutions and forge partnerships driven by shared values based on three key pillars;


. Three in-house models assist to scale, sustain and replicate WSG initiatives: Eco-system mapping of challenges and capabilities; the RISE Framework for strategy and design and; the I*5 Multiplier Process / Theory of Change.

1. Entrepreneurship Development
2. Community Program Assessment and Alliances
3. Value-based Citizenship

Idobro has designed and developed a toolkit to scale, sustain and replicate WSG initiatives;

  • Landscaping & mapping of challenges and capabilities;
  • RISE Framework for strategy and design
  • I*5 Multiplier Process
  • RISE values & Principles

In the past 9 years, Idobro has established itself as a resource centre for Research, Implementation, Stakeholder Relations and Evaluation. We apply the critical lens of Gender, Technology and Innovation for deeper insights into diversity, inclusion and sustainability issues. Our annual RISE Summit provides thought leadership to foster dialogue, build capabilities and facilitate collaborations for integrated development.

Our local and global experience in urban and rural settings, with online and offline tools for corporate and non-profit, government and academic initiatives in development and CSR, forms a 360* knowledge platform for long term benefit and value to our communities, enterprise members, partners and associates reaching out to over a million lives.

To know more about Idobro please visit www.idobro.com